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  • How to Use Instagram Reels for Social Media Marketing


    Instagram Reels was officially launched on August 5, 2020, in over 50 countries across the globe. Though it is a new feature to the Instagram platform, it is an obvious response to the popular app TikTok, which seems to have an uncertain future for American audiences.

    The concept behind Instagram Reels is simple, but it’s different from the ‘stories’ feature currently on Instagram. Specifically, Reels allows users to create and upload 15-second videos with a variety of different tools for editing. Users can add filters, seamlessly line up different takes to create longer “films,” and even add music or background sound effects.

  • 20 Instagram Writers Accounts for Your Inspiration


    There are thousands of inspirational Instagram writers with active accounts posting several times a day or week. You can draw some real inspiration from these writers to perfect your craft or perhaps even follow their suit and start distributing content on Instagram.

    To avoid following and imitating struggling Instagram writers, you need to determine which ones are at the top of this food chain. To help you get started on this task, here is a list of the top 20 Instagram writers accounts for your inspiration:

  • How new Technologies are Disrupting Incumbent Industries

    In the digital era, new technologies are playing a key role in our lives. Companies are using new technologies to improve products and services. As a result, they have been able to innovate and change the world. But not everything about new technologies is good—the disruption to the job market has been massive.

    Today’s employers have new standards. This means that the workforce must adapt. For example, years ago, using social networks for digital marketing was unthinkable, but now it’s a real thing.

  • Share your podcast on Instagram stories

    Instagram is the go-to social platform to do online marketing. Especially the story format can be used to advertise interactively and exclusively. That being said, long-form audio content like podcasts or music is not meant to be shared on social media - no one wants to listen to audio longer than a few seconds while browsing through Instagram. You cannot even upload audio content via the app.

    Sharing teaser videos on Instagram stories offer your some serious advantages:

  • 7 Ways To Write The Best Instagram Captions

    As more business utilize Instagram for their marketing needs, it’s now more important than ever to reach and engage with your customers in this day and age. And, with the platform having more than one billion monthly active users (and counting), there’s no better time than now to make your move.


  • How to Leverage the Recent Instagram Trends to Improve Your Marketing Results

    Instagram is consistently welcoming new trends that followers expect with their hands wide open. That’s what most people expect and look forward to in social media – trending and engaging fresh ideas.


  • How To Write Excellent Brand Content For Instagram

    The kind of branded content Instagram wants to see is not the same as the kind your target audience wants to see. But this article will make it clear what brand content is and how to write excellent brand content for Instagram.


  • 9 Do’s and Don’ts For Businesses On Instagram

    We live in busy times and as marketers and business owners we have more platforms for interacting with customers than ever before. When we are busy it can be easy to let complacency slip in or mistakes go uncorrected. Check through the 9 tips below to get your business Instagram back on track.


  • Top Accounts based On UX UI Inspiration to Follow on Instagram

    The Importance of a Great UI and UX Design

    In designing a digital presence, be it a mobile app or website, it’s not only an engaging content and attractive graphics that matter. One web and app design aspect that a lot of designers continue to overlook is the need for a great UX and UI design. Why it matters?

    UI/UX design often is used to describe an application’s usability or user interface. Designers should look beyond simply creating usable products. They should also take into account the enjoyment and pleasure of users in getting and using the product. Designing UX is the process of building apps that have depth and relevance.


  • How to Schedule Instagram Stories from Your Desktop – for Free

    Instagram Stories are a great, fun way for your business to connect with customers while increasing your brand visibility at the same time. With a scheduling tool for Instagram Stories you can not only boost engagement and get more followers, but also save time and better curate your content.

    Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is certainly the one where people engage the most. However, apart from featuring your company or brand in your feed, it is also important for businesses to show up on Instagram Stories— especially because they are so popular with users.


  • 9 Instagram Accounts with the best Stories

    Instagram Stories is an extremely powerful marketing tool. However, not everyone understands how to use it. For this reason, we can divide Instagram stories into two types:

    • The stories users are waiting for to watch
    • The stories that people tend to skip

    Today, we will take a look at nine Instagram accounts with the best stories. We will discuss the marketing tricks that brands and bloggers use and give you tips on how to make your account stand out.


  • How to Design and Use Insta Stories to Get Attention From Your Followers

    If all you want is a better organic reach, the chances are that you’re trying to figure out how to make your Instagram stories more attractive. You want them to grab your followers’ attention and to motivate people to follow you on Instagram. More and more marketers focus their efforts on stories because this type of content is extremely engaging.


  • Marketing for the holidays with Instagram Stories

    The atmosphere has been getting busier with the season, and you are probably wondering how your brand can stand out among an influx of shopping offers, discounts, and sales. Instagram alone is buzzing with Christmas ads and campaigns, enough to keep followers on the lookout.

    As a brand, you probably already know the power of Instagram. The platform’s 1 billion unique monthly users make it a strategic venue for reaching as many followers as possible. Influencers and brands have already leveraged Instagram for business, allowing their followers to make direct purchases and get special product discounts.


  • Time to Get Creative: Using GIFs in Instagram Stories

    We’ve been busy here at Storrito this summer, working hard to bring you an exciting new feature: our Instagram Stories editor now supports GIFs!

    Adding GIFs to Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to add more character to your content, capture your audience’s attention, and have fun while you’re at it. When businesses use them as part of an Instagram marketing strategy, GIFs are not only a great feature to make your Stories more engaging and captivating – they’re ultimately a great tool that will help build a more memorable brand personality on the platform.

    Now that they’re featured on the Storrito Editor, that means you’ll be able to add GIFs when you’re preparing Stories on browser and scheduling them for auto posting. So let’s dive right in and see how you can use GIFs to design awesome Instagram Stories.

  • Utmost Visual Trends for Instagram Stories Excellence

    More and more users are starting to choose Instagram Stories over Instagram posts. And according to the recent statistics, Instagram Stories grab the attention of more than 500 million viewers daily. Modern life is getting busier, and followers have less time to scroll through feeds. In 2019, users prefer to watch Stories rather than reading long posts. To keep engagement high, Instagram introduces new features for Stories on a regular basis. If you want to learn more about the latest visual trends for Instagram Stories, just keep reading.

    visual trends cover

  • The Power of UGC: Reposting User Content to Stories

    Posting user-generated content (UGC) is one of the best marketing tactics a brand can use on Instagram. After all, nothing is as effective as having your customers and fans speak on your behalf. Social media audiences are known to trust this type of content more, and they are more likely to be influenced by it. Customers posting about your brand/product and mentioning you in their posts is not only word-of-mouth marketing at its best, but on social media, this presents an amplified potential to widen your reach, build a community around your brand, and ultimately sell more.

    reposting content

  • Instagram Stories: When And Why Should You Post Them?

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, and this is largely due to its wide range of posting options for users. People who use Instagram feel like they have the freedom to post however they want to, thanks to the options of photo or video posts which remain on your account, sending pictures directly to other users which can either be seen instantly and lost or kept for a certain amount of time or the massively popular ‘stories’ which last for twenty four hours and can be edited extensively to make them look just like a user wants them to, with filters, stickers and links galore. But, if you are trying to make as many relevant people become exposed to your stories as possible, how often should you post?

    Strong Business

  • Strong Instagram Branding: How to Build a Thriving Business

    Even though Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, some people don’t understand why they should use it for business. Quite often, people think that it’s enough to just have a Facebook account because everyone’s on Facebook. On the one hand, Facebook indeed has the most users. On the other hand, it has lost 15 million users in the last two years, while Instagram’s popularity continues to grow. Instagram already accounts for 25% of Facebook’s total ad revenue, and according to forecasts, this figure will reach 30% by 2020. In addition, the Instagram audience is more likely to engage with marketing content. 68% of Instagram users engage with brands on a regular basis, while on Facebook, this figure is 32%.

    Strong Business

  • 3 New Additions Coming to Instagram Stories

    From IGTV to important updates for Stories, Instagram rolled out some exciting features in 2018. Additions such as Polls and Questions stickers have proven to be more than just an entertaining new trick, as brands and influencers increasingly rely on them to boost engagement and get valuable feedback from their followers. Especially after last year’s success, we’ve come to expect novelties to be introduced every summer after the Facebook Developers Conference. Considering that Stories are Instagram’s most powerful engagement tool, it’s no surprise that the feature gets a lot of attention each year at Facebook F8.


  • 4 Ideas for Using the Quiz Sticker on Instagram Stories

    This April, Instagram officially added the Quiz sticker to Stories, allowing users to “quiz” their followers through multiple-choice questions. It’s a great, trivia-style addition to the already existing arsenal on the Stories sticker tray, and it’s equally simple to use.


  • How to Utilize Instagram Stories when Hosting an Event

    Can you imagine any kind of event, from industry trade shows to big sales and launch parties, taking place without social media promotion and coverage? Of course not. And although social media is vital from promoting events as part of a bigger brand narrative, this doesn’t pertain to business and marketing events only. Social media has become inseparable from people’s personal lives and no significant gathering will go unnoticed on our favourite platforms. Among all these platforms and their features, Instagram Stories has a very special place when it comes to event hosting.


  • How to connect an Instagram Account to Storrito

    Learn how to connect an Instagram Account to Storrito:

  • How to create a Storrito Account

    Learn how to create a account at Storrito:

  • 5 Key Tips for Reducing Bounce Rates on Instagram Stories

    In our previous post, we’ve covered the topic of Instagram Stories bounce rates and the important metrics you need to track. As promised, we’re bringing you the second part, where we’ll tackle this issue in regards to improving your Instagram Stories strategy. In this post, we’ll look into some of the most common mistakes that lead to high bounce rates and how you can prevent them, as well as some useful tactics for keeping the audience’s eyes on your content.


  • What are Instagram Stories Bounces and How Can You Track Them?

    In digital marketing terms, a “bounce” describes an instance when a person lands on a website and then leaves it without proceeding to view the other pages within the site. You might have heard the term “bounce rate” often referred to in regards to website analysis. That’s the percentage of visitors who “bounce off” a website after viewing only one page.

    Track bounces

  • Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

    What will your Instagram marketing strategy look like in 2019? As we move further into this fresh new year, now is the perfect time to examine what we know about upcoming trends and go over the most notable Instagram marketing predictions. Let’s have a look at the most prominent features that are shaping the platform, what marketers should focus on in the months ahead, and how you can embrace these trends to bring your Instagram game to the next level.

    Top trends

  • How to Design Awesome Instagram Stories

    Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories have become a firm favorite with brands in all industries. Every day, over 300 million people use Stories, which disappear from a user’s profile 24 hours after they are posted.

    Awesome Story

  • 4 Major Instagram Stories Updates You Need to Know

    Instagram has proven to be an ever-changing landscape, never ceasing to surprise and entertain us. Every now and then, the platform throws a curveball to marketers with its updates (remember the drama about the chronological feed). But more regularly, it rolls out all kinds of new features and useful updates that you can leverage to boost your marketing efforts. Instagram is determined to never allow for things to get stale – and that’s what we love about it!

    invisible tags

  • Add invisible Hashtags and Mentions to your Instagram stories

    In this post we want to show you the absolutely best way to add invisible hashtags and mentions to your Instagram story in 4 easy steps so stand by!

    invisible tags

    As mentioned before hashtags are important to get attention on Instagram. By using the right hashtags you can address people on Instagram that would otherwise never be aware of your gorgeous stories.

  • How to Use Stories for Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing represents a huge chunk of marketing on Instagram. You see all these celebrities representing big brands on their profiles, and to cut a long story short – it sticks. The images become ingrained in our minds, the product becomes associated with a personality, the brand gains prestige. That is, after all, why all these celebrities and brand ambassadors are called influencers – their online personality is utilized to influence a large consumer base. But an influencer doesn’t have to be a mega-celebrity and influencer marketing is a more plausible option than most small business owners think.

    Influencer marketing

  • 4 Instagram Story Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

    In comparison to permanent Instagram posts, Stories are a much more candid medium for interacting with your audience. This is one of the reasons why Stories are a powerful marketing tool, but the casual, raw nature of this channel doesn’t mean that whatever you choose to do on it is right. On the contrary, Stories, just like every aspect of social media, come with their own hacks, methods for maximizing their potential, and tactics that simply work or don’t work with the audience.

    It takes some time to entirely immerse yourself in this medium, and you’re bound to be doing some things wrong. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Here are the 4 most common Insta Story mistakes you might be guilty of and how you can fix them.


  • Make Your Insta Stories Stand Out with These Cool Hacks – Part 2

    Welcome to the second volume of our series of hacks to help make your Insta Stories stand out. We’ve covered some useful points in the first part, and as promised, we’re back with some more actionable tips to make your Stories more eye-catching, engaging, and memorable.


  • 4 Tips for your Instagram Christmas Stories

    Welcome to the holiday season coming out of nowhere! Brace yourself for Christmas and New Year and post some awesome Instagram stories. Here are 4 tips what you can do to improve your social Christmas marketing with Instagram stories!

    Merry Storrito

  • Make Your Insta Stories Stand Out with These Cool Hacks – Part 1

    Do you want to be that account whose Stories people actually look forward to?

    Instagram Stories are a great tool for showing a quirky personality and engaging your audience. And when you create interesting and enticing Stories – by showing a sense of humour, showing your audience something exciting and relevant, giving them a glimpse of your world, and so on – you’ll have your audience hooked. You’ll open the gates to that special relationship you wanted to establish with your followers, and you’ll have their attention exactly where you want it.

    Whether you’re running a business, a blog, or looking to make it in the influencer sphere, using Insta Stories like a pro is a vital part of maintaining a compelling presence on the platform. To help you make your Insta Stories stand out, we’ve singled out these cool hacks.


  • Auto post to your Instagram Story (No business account required)

    Have you ever felt the urge to post something to your Instagram story on the weekend and felt bad about wasting your precious quality time planing your posts? Why not plan ahead your posts to free your weekends and to save your precious after-work hours?

    Other services only offer automatic posts for business accounts but there are many smaller businesses and influencers that are not able or don’t want to convert their accounts to business accounts. The not satisfying solution to those are notifications which need to be confirmed on the smartphone before the images can be posted. Which leads to another downside: With those services you cannot post videos at all to your story.

    But don’t despair: Storrito is there to the rescue!

    Super Storrito

  • How to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Audience Engagement

    Back in 2016, Instagram introduced a new algorithm, removing the chronological feed and largely shifting the priority to engagement rates above all other metrics. This created ripples across the platform, a bit of frustration among users, and admittedly, confusion among brands who worked hard to build their audience base. Switch to 2018, and although the Instagram algorithm constantly changes and updates, there’s no arguing that audience engagement is still the name of the game.

    Black Friday

  • Tips for your Black Friday Instagram story campaign

    Only few days left until Thanksgiving! Perfect time to prepare your marketing campaigns on all social media platforms. Especially Instagram stories seem to be the perfect medium to promote your special Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. Because they disappear after 24 hours, story posts create the fear of missing out and will more likely push your followers to buy your limited offers or use your coupon codes.

    Black Friday

  • How to create Instagram Stories that can sell your product

    The ruling principle of marketing is to be where your audience is. And considering the raving popularity of Instagram Stories, which see 400 million daily active users, it’s no wonder that savvy businesses are finding ways to maximize the potential of this feature. Stories are a powerful marketing tool, no doubt, and with tools such as Storrito, businesses are able to perfect their Stories, making them more engaging, enticing, and representative of the brand. But they’re not just great for boosting audience engagement and building trust. With a few tricks up your sleeve, your Stories can actually start driving conversions. We’ve rounded up the 5 crucial tips to help you create Instagram stories that sell.

    How to post

  • How to use emojis in your Instagram Story with a desktop PC

    Emojis can be powerful tools that help your Instagram Story stick with your audience. Since the early days of digital communication, it’s been a common practice to use emojis to express feelings in your messages and Instagram Stories.

    How to post

  • How to prepare your Instagram Story on a desktop PC?

    Instagram is a mobile-only platform and does not provide the option to schedule stories in advance. Storrito is the only Instagram Story tool that provides an editor to add Instagram specific stickers, like Hashtags. Besides time scheduling, it’s really important to prepare your Instagram story with the appropriate tags and swipe-up links to reach your followers and grow your audience. Storrito provides an editor which enables you to prepare your images or videos, for your Instagram story from desktop.

    How to post

  • How to use Halloween Fonts in your Instagram Story

    So far, Instagram provides only a few standard fonts. Instagram users have already found lots of ways to incorporate text into their stories. But these solutions are always very uncomfortable and time consuming. provides an editor, which is really easy to use. It enables you to use custom fonts in your Instagram Story with just one single click. For special events, like Halloween or Christmas, Storrito provides special fonts.

    How to post

  • How to use an Instagram Geotag to engage local followers

    Instagram uses stickers with specific locations, of where you’ve stored your Instagram content. Usually the geolocations are gathered from the physical location of your mobile device, which allows users to store or tag their content to those coordinates. If you use with your desktop pc you can choose a geolocation freely without being at this location physically.

    How to post

  • How to use Hashtags in your Instagram Story

    How to post

    An Instagram hashtag is a single word, or a series of words, that is marked with a hash symbol which you can use within your Instagram story.

  • How to use the Instagram Browser Extension

    How to post

    A browser extension is a plug-in that extends the functionality of your desktop web browser. The Storrito browser extension connects your Instagram account to your Storrito account with one single click. You can easily connect multiple Instagram accounts very fast without the need of your password. We recommend to use Storrito with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera, therefore we offer the browser extension only for these.

  • How to post Instagram Stories from Computer

    How to post

    Brands, agencies and influencers like to create and schedule social media posts in advance. Instagram is a mobile-only platform and it doesn’t allow to schedule stories at all. Storrito is an easy to use editor to schedule and create stories for Instagram. Storrito enables you to prepare and upload your Instagram Stories with a desktop PC or laptop (Win/Mac/Linux) without the need of your smartphone.

  • Connect your Instagram account to Storrito via a browser cookie

    How to post

    The following tutorial shows you how to connect your Instagram account to Storrito with the help of a browser extension. Please follow the instructions below, depending on which browser you use:

  • What are the Instagram story dimensions?

    How to post

    Many Storrito users asked us: what is the optimal resolution for an Instagram story? Therefore we’ve summarized all the important details in this blog post.

  • How to create a text-only story

    Learn how to use Storrito to create an Instagram story that only contains text on a solid background:

  • How to use usertags

    Learn how to add an usertag to an Instagram story with

  • How to support the Storrito project

    We added a new element to our story editor that you can use, if you like to support us. Look for the little cute Storrito family :)

  • How to post multiple Instagram stories in a row

    New tutorial video - learn how to post multiple Instagram stories in a row:

  • How to add text to your Instagram story

    We created a short tutorial on how to add text to your Instagram story with the Storrito editor:

  • Why schedule Instagram Stories

    Schedule Instagram Stories

    As mentioned before in our Blog, Instagram Stories, in particular, are quickly gaining ground as a way to keep your most loyal followers engaged. But Instagram Stories are missing one very important thing: You can not schedule or plan them ahead. Storrito is here for the rescue!

  • How To Boost Your Instagram Story Views Up To 300%

    How to boost

    Instagram Stories quickly raised to success with more than 250 Million active daily users in one year of existence. Consequently Insta Stories are getting more and more important to brands and companies, especially to build a strong interaction and connection to their users and customers.

  • How To post Instagram Stories from your PC

    UPDATE In the meantime we released so many new updates of therefore we have written a new blog post how to post into your instagram story from a desktop PC (please click here).

    How to post

    Instagram Stories have been extremely successful last year. Although they were said to be the dead Copy-Cat of Snapchat the actual user-numbers indicate a different picture. With more than 250.000.000 daily users (Instagram, August 2017) and about (yes, there are a lot of zeros in this sentence) the facebook giant outperformes Snapchat by roughly 100.000.000 users (Business Insider, June 2017) – every day!

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