Instagram is consistently welcoming new trends that followers expect with their hands wide open. That’s what most people expect and look forward to in social media – trending and engaging fresh ideas.


Photo by Stephan Henning on Unsplash

Whatever trend is ruling the Instagram that is where most of your audience will be. Can you see how this is an opportunity for your business? If you make the right moves and accept specific trends the results will put a smile on your face. Here are the recent trends that you should consider for your marketing strategy.

Instagram Checkout

Steer your Instagram marketing efforts directly to sales with Instagram Checkout. After recognizing how many businesses use the platform for promotional purposes, Instagram decided to make it easier for both them and the customers. That’s how Instagram Checkout came into existence in March 2019.

What Checkout provides to users is to shop without leaving the app. The fewer steps they take, the more probable is that they will make the purchase. This is definitely a trend that’s worthy of your attention. After you invest your time and money into creating amazing posts you might as well create a more seamless shopping experience.

Shoppable Tags & Stickers

Shoppable posts go hand in hand with Instagram checkout. They can help your marketing team lead the buyers to purchase faster. With this feature, you can tag products that you showed in your posts. The user simply has to tap on the photo, and click on the tag that appears. The name of the product and the price will be displayed so that they can get all the information that they are interested in without going to your website.

The shoppable tags were quicklThe trends that curr Do you want to express that customer experience is the most important to you? Do you aim to show your potential customers that you care about their opinions? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we have just the right trend for you – Instagram Interactive Stories.

You create polls, open-end questions, questions with offered answers, and similar. Interaction with followers via Stories is important in terms of increasing your reach and developing a strong bond with the audience. Let your followers express themselves through your Stories and become a part of your community. For example, you can ask them what innovation they would like to see from your company. Or, what’s their favorite product from your brand.

The answers you collect can then be transferred to your marketing team for analysis. Use that data to create targeted campaigns.

Social media has created a world in which there is a “holiday” practically every day. Fun holidays like National Ice Cream Day or National Sibling Day can be just what you need for increased traffic. Creating a humorous content related to a light-hearted holiday and adding a corresponding hashtag will drive more people to your brand’s profile.

For example, the Corridor Brewery & Provision restaurant chain decided to celebrate the Cubs’ Opening Day. With such a post they showed a team spirit and got the attention of a new audience.

If you don’t have a writer on the team who can handle that task, you can hire a writing expert to join you for this project. Check out reviews for best writing service websites and find a writing service with great reviews that can help you with the creation of your holiday-related content. Reviews such as review ofreview of Grabmyessay reveal what writing services have to offer.

Prepare the holiday content in advance and schedule them for the appropriate dates. In that way, you’ll have more time to work on other marketing strategies. The trends that curr

Video Content

Video content has seen an increasing rate of popularity for some time now, but after TikTok stepped onto the scene, it has skyrocketed. It is all about video now and you shouldn’t miss out on this trend.

Why are videos such a popular content format, you ask? The answer is simple – engagement. Videos keep people’s focus longer than other types of content. It is easier to get and retain users’ attention with videos than with photos for example. What you need to keep in mind is that Instagram feed only allows videos up to 1 minute long. Short and sweet videos are, therefore, the best choice. If you wish to create longer videos in the form of tutorials or unboxing, you can use IG TV.

Live videos are also very popular currently. Brands often use it for announcing their latest products and promotions. This is the perfect opportunity for nourishing the relationship with your followers. They can ask you questions during your live video and you can respond to their comments. Show your customers that they matter to you.

Final Thoughts

The trends that currently rule the Instagram can be your best bet for improving your marketing results. These are the features that can lure users to your brand’s Instagram page and get them to fall in love with your products. It’s not enough just to create a profile on Instagram and publish posts from time to time. You have to show true dedication if you want to make progress.

This article was written by Daniela McVicker