Schedule Instagram Stories

As mentioned before in our Blog, Instagram Stories, in particular, are quickly gaining ground as a way to keep your most loyal followers engaged. But Instagram Stories are missing one very important thing: You can not schedule or plan them ahead. Storrito is here for the rescue!

One might say that Instagram has recently added support for scheduling but that’s only true for feed posts. Therefore Instagrammers need to physically take out their actual phones at the right time to post an Instagram story. So that’s the reason why we built the story tool Storrito which lets you prepare and schedule Instagram stories with ease in the browser on desktops or mobile. Without any further ado, here are the three major reasons why scheduling the story format make sense to influencers, brands and news agencies:

1. Provide your followers constantly with information to the right time

Imagine you are on an important trade fair abroad and you walk from booth to booth and gather loads of information. Although you want to share your reports as fast as possible with your followers, it might be a better idea to schedule your trade fair stories on a certain date to catch the attention of your main audience in your home country. Also you might not want to post everything at once but rather distribute your stories evenly in a certain time period. That way you can provide your followers constantly with your latest trade fair experiences.

2. Gain international attention

If you want to advertise your brand not only in your local area but also internationally you should post your promotion stories multiple times at the right time for your international followers. For example if you know that 6 pm is the right time on the US east coast for your story you could schedule this 3 hours later for the west coast and 8 hours earlier for central Europe. If you are not the person who really loves to stand up at 4 am to post an Instagram story for your followers in another country, a planning tool like Storrito could be very handy.

3. Schedule pre-produced content for your off time

When you are producing a lot of content each day you might want to post stories in the evening for your audience because it appears to be the best time to post. Of course your motivation may vary from day to day to get out your phone and post the right content to the right time in your off time. On some days you don’t even have the time to do so because of important private stuff. And of course everybody needs vacations from time to time and it might be very handy to sprinkle a few nice pre-produced stories over that period to prove that you are still alive and stay in your follower’s memories.

As you can see planning ahead and scheduling Instagram stories can get very handy when you don’t want to be on your phone 24h a day. Storrito offers you an easy way to save time and effort. Why don’t you give us a shot right now? Visit and sign up for your free account.