Only few days left until Thanksgiving! Perfect time to prepare your marketing campaigns on all social media platforms. Especially Instagram stories seem to be the perfect medium to promote your special Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. Because they disappear after 24 hours, story posts create the fear of missing out and will more likely push your followers to buy your limited offers or use your coupon codes.

Black Friday

Time your posts properly

To get most attention during the holiday weeks it’s important to find the right time for your story posts. According to Facebook, it’s important to start early to get connected to your audience and end late because the shopping season continues even after Christmas. Regarding stories it’s also interesting to schedule posts so that you don’t lose the customers attention when your posts disappear from your story. Storrito is a useful tool to plan your black week campaigns ahead without the need to touch a smartphone at all. This enables you to post with a higher frequency as usual without losing focus on more important things.

Example posts

Use the right hashtags

Add hashtags so that your stories don’t get lost in the flood of special offer.. Tags like #blackfriday or #cybermonday have millions of hits on Instagram and it’s not likely that your story will be found by the right audience. Try other tags like #blackfriday2018, #cybermonday2018, #blackfridayweekend or #blackfridaysales and keep your eyes on creative, new hashtags. Tools like all-hashtag might help you with that.

Grab the customers attention

When preparing your marketing campaigns you want to grab the customer’s attention with the design of your posts. Storrito occasionally offers special fonts and stickers that fit current events like Black Friday or Christmas. Upload your promotion video or image to Storrito and open it in our editor to style your posts properly. As a rule of thumb videos are getting more attention than images so prepare some clips yourself or use the Storrito template editor to prepare short animations.

Black Friday fonts and stickers

By keeping these things in mind and adding a bit creativity you are guaranteed to improve your sales by using Instagram stories. Tools like Storrito can greatly increase your productivity by scheduling and auto publishing your story posts. So create your free Storrito account now and test our service for free.