More and more users are starting to choose Instagram Stories over Instagram posts. And according to the recent statistics, Instagram Stories grab the attention of more than 500 million viewers daily. Modern life is getting busier, and followers have less time to scroll through feeds. In 2019, users prefer to watch Stories rather than reading long posts. To keep engagement high, Instagram introduces new features for Stories on a regular basis. If you want to learn more about the latest visual trends for Instagram Stories, just keep reading.

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Customized AR filters

Have you heard about Spark AR, Facebook’s tool for building augmented reality effects? A year ago, only approved creators were allowed to use this tool to design and upload their own AR filters to Instagram. But recently, Facebook has announced that Spark AR is now accessible for everyone.

At the same time, Instagram has introduced an Effect Gallery tab that let digital artists showcase their AR filters. And currently, the number of new AR effects on Instagram is growing exponentially. The artists add dozens of new filters daily, and thousands of Instagram users discover these filters and start using them.

ar screenshots Screenshot source: Effect Gallery tab

Experts state that new AR effects will take Instagram Stories to a brand new level. Camilla Bishman, a marketer at Studicus, has this to say about the growing popularity of AR filters: “In the digital age, personalization is everything. And there is no doubt that accessibility of personalized AR effects will encourage users to create more Stories and to start using Instagram more actively.”

So if you want to keep up with visual trends, you should consider creating a unique AR filter. You should design an exceptional effect that will represent your personal brand or brand of your company.

Once the effect is ready, upload it to Instagram, and encourage followers to try it out. If you do everything right, you will boost engagement and increase brand exposure.

Interactive stickers

Interactive Instagram Stories has won the hearts of users from all over the world. And if you want to boost reach and engagement, you should also follow trends. To take the most of your Instagram Stories, start using Questions, Quiz, Poll, Chat, and other stickers right now.


The Quiz sticker is a relatively new feature that was introduced in April. This sticker allows users to “quiz” their followers through multiple-choice questions. Here are a few reasons to start using Quizzes in 2019:

  • Help followers to learn more about you or your brand in a fun way.
  • Find out what your target audience already knows about you and your brand. Use this information to improve your content strategy and create posts that add value.
  • Collect feedback. Find out what people think about your new product, previous post, fresh haircut, etc.
  • Create online buzz for your launch. Use Quiz to make people talk about your new product.
  • Gamify promotions. Stop using salesy Stories that irritate your followers. Start using Quizzes to turn your promotions into fun games.

Teach and educate your target audience.

Quizz screenshots Screenshot source: Stories published by Instagram user @marta_sierra


The Questions is one of the most widely used stickers on Instagram. Add this popular sticker to your Stories to achieve the following objectives:

  • Discover new topic ideas. Choose the most frequently asked questions and cover them in the next posts.
  • Build trust in a relationship. Answer questions honestly, and people will believe all your recommendations and advice given.
  • Inform the target audience about events, sales, and discounts in a subtle, unobtrusive way.
  • Make followers emotionally attached to your personality and your brand.

Show your expertise. Give professional advice.

Question screenshots Screenshot source: Stories published by Instagram users @inmelnikova3 and @riva_g_


In 2019, Poll stickers are widely used by both: Instagram influencers and brands. Here are a few ways how you can use Polls to grow your Instagram followers in 2019:

  • Conduct marketing research. Learn more about the general preferences of your target audience.
  • Collect feedback. Know the followers’ opinion about your new product, previous post, etc.

Involve your followers in the content creation process. For instance, ask questions like “what dress should I wear today: the blue one or the red one?” and “what topic should I discuss next: topic X or topic Y”.

Poll screenshots Screenshot source: Stories published by Instagram users @inmelnikova3 and @theenatureboyy


In July 2019, Instagram introduced Chat sticker. Even though this feature was designed to enhance communication among ordinary Instagram users, it may also be beneficial for influencers and brands. Here is how you can use Chat sticker:

  • Discuss a particular issue with a specific part of your audience. For instance, you can create a separate chat to communicate with your coworkers, or with followers who live in your city.
  • Create curiosity. Everyone wants to join “a private chat room”. So if you invite your followers to participate in “secret chat”, it will skyrocket your engagement.

Chat screenshots Screenshot source: Stories published by Instagram user @inmelnikova3

Sharing feature

A year ago, Instagram users were able to share Instagram posts via direct messages only. That means that, if a post was shared ten times, it was viewed by ten Instagram users only.

But thanks to a new feature that allows users to share posts on Instagram Stories, content creators can reach a much wider audience now. According to statistics, ordinary Instagram users have, on average, from 100 to 600 followers. And it means that every post shared by one user on Stories gains at least 80 views.

So if you have a goal to grow your Instagram account, encourage your current followers to share your posts on their Stories. It will help you to reach more users and take your Instagram account to a brand new level.

Share screenshots 1 Screenshot source: Stories published by Instagram users @smsuwrc and @chip.ri

Also, you can use this new feature to share user-generated content on Instagram Stories:

  • Show how much you value the opinion of your target audience.
  • Say thank you to your followers. Show how grateful you are for their loyalty and support.

Encourage followers to create more content that promotes your brand.

Share screenshots 1 Screenshot source: Stories published by Instagram user @amandaoleander

Wrapping up

Instagram provides you with plenty of opportunities to gain a massive following. So don’t miss them! Take advantage of new Instagram features and skyrocket your success.

About the Author Melanie Sovann, born in 1990 in the greater LA area, is a seasoned writer and blogger, passionate about a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from technology to sociology. She is currently a writer and editor at Trust My Paper and loves every second of it.