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  • How to prepare your Instagram Story on a desktop PC?

    Instagram is a mobile-only platform and does not provide the option to schedule stories in advance. Storrito is the only Instagram Story tool that provides an editor to add Instagram specific stickers, like Hashtags. Besides time scheduling, it’s really important to prepare your Instagram story with the appropriate tags and swipe-up links to reach your followers and grow your audience. Storrito provides an editor which enables you to prepare your images or videos, for your Instagram story from desktop.

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  • How to use Halloween Fonts in your Instagram Story

    So far, Instagram provides only a few standard fonts. Instagram users have already found lots of ways to incorporate text into their stories. But these solutions are always very uncomfortable and time consuming. provides an editor, which is really easy to use. It enables you to use custom fonts in your Instagram Story with just one single click. For special events, like Halloween or Christmas, Storrito provides special fonts.

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  • How to use an Instagram Geotag to engage local followers

    Instagram uses stickers with specific locations, of where you’ve stored your Instagram content. Usually the geolocations are gathered from the physical location of your mobile device, which allows users to store or tag their content to those coordinates. If you use with your desktop pc you can choose a geolocation freely without being at this location physically.

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  • How to use Hashtags in your Instagram Story

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    An Instagram hashtag is a single word, or a series of words, that is marked with a hash symbol which you can use within your Instagram story.

  • How to use the Instagram Browser Extension

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    A browser extension is a plug-in that extends the functionality of your desktop web browser. The Storrito browser extension connects your Instagram account to your Storrito account with one single click. You can easily connect multiple Instagram accounts very fast without the need of your password. We recommend to use Storrito with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera, therefore we offer the browser extension only for these.

  • How to post Instagram Stories from Computer

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    Brands, agencies and influencers like to create and schedule social media posts in advance. Instagram is a mobile-only platform and it doesn’t allow to schedule stories at all. Storrito is an easy to use editor to schedule and create stories for Instagram. Storrito enables you to prepare and upload your Instagram Stories with a desktop PC or laptop (Win/Mac/Linux) without the need of your smartphone.

  • How to get the Instagram sessionid cookie

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    Storrito’s Manual Instagram Connect uses a so-called cookie to log into your Instagram account. This is required to let Storrito post stories on your Instagram account.

  • What are the Instagram story dimensions?

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    Many Storrito users asked us: what is the optimal resolution for an Instagram story? Therefore we’ve summarized all the important details in this blog post.

  • How to create a text-only story

    Learn how to use Storrito to create an Instagram story that only contains text on a solid background:

  • How to use usertags

    Learn how to add an usertag to an Instagram story with

  • How to support the Storrito project

    We added a new element to our story editor that you can use, if you like to support us. Look for the little cute Storrito family :)

  • How to post multiple Instagram stories in a row

    New tutorial video - learn how to post multiple Instagram stories in a row:

  • How to add text to your Instagram story

    We created a short tutorial on how to add text to your Instagram story with the Storrito editor:

  • Why schedule Instagram Stories

    Schedule Instagram Stories

    As mentioned before in our Blog, Instagram Stories, in particular, are quickly gaining ground as a way to keep your most loyal followers engaged. But Instagram Stories are missing one very important thing: You can not schedule or plan them ahead. Storrito is here for the rescue!

  • How To Boost Your Instagram Story Views Up To 300%

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    Instagram Stories quickly raised to success with more than 250 Million active daily users in one year of existence. Consequently Insta Stories are getting more and more important to brands and companies, especially to build a strong interaction and connection to their users and customers.

  • How To post Instagram Stories from your PC

    UPDATE In the meantime we released so many new updates of therefore we have written a new blog post how to post into your instagram story from a desktop PC (please click here).

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    Instagram Stories have been extremely successful last year. Although they were said to be the dead Copy-Cat of Snapchat the actual user-numbers indicate a different picture. With more than 250.000.000 daily users (Instagram, August 2017) and about (yes, there are a lot of zeros in this sentence) the facebook giant outperformes Snapchat by roughly 100.000.000 users (Business Insider, June 2017) – every day!

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