The Importance of a Great UI and UX Design

In designing a digital presence, be it a mobile app or website, it’s not only an engaging content and attractive graphics that matter. One web and app design aspect that a lot of designers continue to overlook is the need for a great UX and UI design. Why it matters?

UI/UX design often is used to describe an application’s usability or user interface. Designers should look beyond simply creating usable products. They should also take into account the enjoyment and pleasure of users in getting and using the product. Designing UX is the process of building apps that have depth and relevance.


The Internet is filled with creative artworks for UX and UI that designers could use for their inspiration when building web apps and web pages. React JS development services make use of these inspirational UI and UX designs to create highly interactive sites. The most renowned image-based platform nowadays where people spend a lot of hours is none other than Instagram.

For cool and beautiful UX and UX design inspiration, Instagram is on top. There are literally hundreds of thousands of graphic designer profiles on Instagram who share their works. Moreover, they also share news, their design processes, and life events. Any Angular developer could get a lot of inspiration from these top Instagram accounts.

Developers of various platforms and frameworks, Front-end Developers be it for Angular web development, a React JS developer, or just a lover of all things that have to do with web design, Instagram is a wonderful place to find inspiration. It would be a good idea to take inspiration from among the best accounts on Instagram based on User Interface and User Experience design. However, with hundreds of thousands of accounts, getting inspiration with designs could be daunting.

Here is a list of the top twelve UX and UI designer’s accounts to follow on Instagram today.

1. @humble_ux. The channel ministers hand-drawn User Interface and User Experience wireframes. These wireframes are the skeletal framework of a site, without design elements or branding. This is a great inspiration for those just starting.


2. @uxmemo. To get a quote or two in an Instagram feed, the channel to follow is Jessica Robbins for thoughts that are UX-centric. It is all about the psychology behind creativity.


3. @becreatives. Alex Buononato founded this digital agency. It’s geared towards design with an entrepreneurial viewpoint. It’s a great account if you’re in search for posts that are business-related, and plenty of technology.


4. @fireart_studio. Fire Art studio specializes in UI and UX. The Instagram accounts show its finest work and also quirky and cool illustrations by the freelance artist.png on the wider web design field, which includes inspiration and insight on User Experience strategy.


7. @uxdesigns. It shares UX custom interfaces and animations. Given with full credit, it’s a wonderful resource to find some of the best Dribble and Behance designers.


8. @zach.lieberman. He is a creative code that turns digital artwork to prints. Furthermore, his work is extremely contemporary and mind-bending. A great example of mastering openFrameWorks.


9. @interfacelab. The account compiles some of the slickest app and web design around. Features include several especially good examples for eCommerce design. It’s well worth following if that’s your forte.


10. @uxjurgen. Another account that’s dedicated mostly to wireframes. Jürgen Leckie, a freelance designer is truly worth following for insight into the early process of design.


11. @uiuxgifts. The account showcase animated GIFs that are gorgeous, created by a pool of ultra-talented designers. It’s serious animation here, without pop culture, but the kind of stuff that’s likely to inspire.


12. @graphicdesignui. It’s designed by the Titanic Themes team. The account posts everything from video design and application to illustrations and sketches. Each designer featured is credited, which makes it a nice portal for more talent.


Benefits of a Great UX/UI Design

Every dollar invested in UX/UI design could bring more dollars in return. Thus, it’s a wonderful ROI. The following are five benefits of a well-designed app:

  1. Consumer Acquisition. Successful design means a competitive edge. Great design is likely to overtake the price factor as the major brand differentiators that draw new customers. Great design is more than effective product design, it is actually good business.

  2. Retention of consumers.
    Building an intuitive and gorgeous enterprise application, a lot more people would want to use it and most of all keep o using it. In today’s digital world, retention of consumers or customers is all the more important since the competition gets tough with each advancement in technology.

  3. Enhanced productivity.
    Improved productivity could be achieved with better user experience. When considering improved productivity over the number of users as well as the number of hours that each customer is active, the impact financially is considerably substantial and apparent.

  4. Lesser Support expenses.
    A well-designed application simply works. An app with an inferior design would require more documentation, training, and support later on, which translates to higher costs. On the other hand, an application that’s intuitive and easy to use causes less stress on both employees and the bottom line.

  5. Lessens time of development.
    Half of the time spent on engineering is doing re-works to fix errors that may have been avoided in the first place. These errors could include confusing navigation that causes a user to get stuck or lost, wrong user behavior assumptions or a new feature no one wants to use or even an inaccessible design. Making certain that the design is right and well done the first time around prevents all feature headaches.


Today, with the technology evolving at a rapid pace, it has become imperative for businesses to embrace UI/UX design. Moreover, they should consider it not just as a one-time event, but a fluid continuous part of the long-term business strategy too.

Rooney Reeves

Rooney Reeves is working as a Business Development Executive at eTatvaSoft , an eCommerce Web Development Company. She always accepts challenges and puts some effort into it. She loves to write and spread her knowledge through writing. Follow her on [ Twitter .