From IGTV to important updates for Stories, Instagram rolled out some exciting features in 2018. Additions such as Polls and Questions stickers have proven to be more than just an entertaining new trick, as brands and influencers increasingly rely on them to boost engagement and get valuable feedback from their followers. Especially after last year’s success, we’ve come to expect novelties to be introduced every summer after the Facebook Developers Conference. Considering that Stories are Instagram’s most powerful engagement tool, it’s no surprise that the feature gets a lot of attention each year at Facebook F8.


Let’s some of the most significant new additions to Stories discussed at this year’s conference, and how they will benefit your Instagram marketing strategy.

Donation sticker

Instagram has been killing it with Stories stickers, introducing Quizzes earlier this year, which are turning out to be an absolute hit. (We’ve talked about how you can [use the Quiz sticker in your marketing strategy(], so give that a read if you haven’t already.)

Donation Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

And now, we’ve got another big one – the Donation sticker, which will allow people to raise money for nonprofits directly through the app. Following in the footsteps of Facebook fundraisers, it’s a great concept to help people get philanthropic and channel the platform towards something good, and it certainly impacts businesses too. Now you can utilize your influence to raise money for a cause that you support as a brand, and it can help open the doors to more brands collaborating with nonprofit organizations.

Needless to say, if you’re actually one of these organizations, this is an absolute game-changer. The feature has already been launched, offering users to raise money for a long list of charities. It’s incredibly simple to use:

  1. Once you take a photo in the Stories camera, tap the Donation sticker.
  2. Use the search box to find the nonprofit you’d like to raise the money for.
  3. Select the organizations and give the sticker a fundraiser title.
  4. Share your Story, and your followers will be able to donate.

Instagram has assured users that 100% of all the funds raised through Insta Stories go directly to the chosen organization. By swiping left, you’ll be able to track the donations.


Create Mode

The Stories camera is soon getting a revamp, with a new design and a new addition, the “Create mode”. The new design will have a semi-circular mode switcher so that users have a more practical overview of all the tools and modes available. All the tools and modes are still the same so it’s not a fundamental change, but it will certainly be interesting to see this new layout and test it out.

As for the Create mode, this is something that Stories definitely needed. This addition will allow users to post content without having to upload a photo or video first, so it’s meant for text-only Stories, polls, fundraisers, etc.

However, if you like the convenience of a bigger screen and mouse pad to add stickers and perfect all the details of your content, you can use Storrito to prepare your Stories on desktop, as well as to create content in batches and schedule it for auto-posting. The Storrito Editor also features some cool templates you can use to make your Stories pop out and garner attention.


Custom Filters

The trend with augmented reality filters on Instagram Stories is booming among audiences, and it’s not going away any time soon. They’re simply a thrill to use, and when it comes to Instagram marketing, it doesn’t hurt to put them to use to make your Stories stand out.

Custom Filters Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Some of the biggest celebrities such as Rihanna and Ariana Grande have their own AR filter, and up until now, it was a privilege reserved only for select personas and brands. But the folks at Instagram had some big news for us at this year’s F8 Summit: customer AR filters will soon be available to everyone. Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, which is the software used to create these filters, will be made available to everyone.

Now, what this means for Instagram marketing is a whole new realm of opportunity. It depends on your industry, but you can get really creative and reap the benefits of this futuristic addition. Think along the lines of Kylie’s Lip Kit filter, which Kylie Cosmetics used to promote their products by letting their followers try them on virtually.

These were the biggest announcements regarding Insta Stories, but rest assured, other important features are in the workings on the rest of the platform. Keep an eye out for all the tweaks and dive right in. We’ll keep you posted.

Written by Angelina Harper.