What will your Instagram marketing strategy look like in 2019? As we move further into this fresh new year, now is the perfect time to examine what we know about upcoming trends and go over the most notable Instagram marketing predictions. Let’s have a look at the most prominent features that are shaping the platform, what marketers should focus on in the months ahead, and how you can embrace these trends to bring your Instagram game to the next level.

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IGTV rolling out in the summer of 2018 was one of the biggest surprises the platform has presented us with – a curveball right there in line with the rollout of Stories back in 2016. And just like the concept of Stories had been “borrowed” (cloned) from rival Snapchat, Instagram TV, which is dedicated to long-form video content, now stands as a competitor to YouTube. Considering how Instagram has surpassed Snapchat, there’s plenty of talk about whether IGTV will outrun YouTube as the major video viewing platform. The feature is still taking wing, and it certainly hasn’t become an instant smash hit like Stories. This doesn’t mean that it’s set up for failure. Let’s face it – every move Instagram has made in its short life so far has been a success. A feature dedicated to long-form videos naturally need more time to become widely popular since it demands much more effort, both from creators and viewers, than an ephemeral platform.
We have yet to see the direction in which IGTV will develop, but it’s definitely something marketers should watch closely – and not be afraid to give it a try. The need for video content grows each year and is expected to dominate marketing in 2019, so a feature such as this one can undoubtedly be a great complement to your existing strategy.

Stories take over marketing strategy

With over 400 million daily active users, it’s clear by now that Insta Stories is the place where your audience is at. Their popularity is unprecedented, but their importance in marketing strategy is only growing. In other words, brands who haven’t been using Stories as a vital part of their social campaign are going to have to start doing it now, while those who have been paying attention to Stories are only going to amplify their efforts. That’s because with the growing number of Stories users and the Instagram algorithm prioritizing content from friends over brands, feed posts have become insufficient for marketers. Stories have become an absolute necessity in order to be seen and engage audiences. The recent updates to the Stories feature, such as the Questions sticker and the rollout of Shoppable Stories, further prove this point. In short, Stories are taking the limelight when it comes to Instagram marketing in 2019. If you want to succeed, it’s best to observe Stories as a special social channel that requires a dedicated strategy. Don’t wing it – set up a posting schedule, make sure your Stories content complements your brand image, and don’t leave it all to just one person.

Story Table

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That’s why Storrito is a great tool for all your Insta Story needs: you can schedule Stories for auto-posting to ensure you abide by your content calendar, have more than one person run the account, post Stories from desktop, and utilize numerous editing features to create engaging content.

Social selling

We’re entering the era of shopping through social media as companies look for ways to create seamless customer experiences across multiple channels. That’s why successful app development companies suggest that social shopping is likely to bring new platforms and standalone apps as the key players, Instagram and Facebook, inch closer to e-commerce. With shoppable posts, Instagram has gone beyond sponsored content, paid ads, and Story ads. Moving beyond just advertising, the platform has now become a more prominent part of the potential customer journey. To top it off, Instagram shopping was brought to Stories as well last summer, thus giving brands an invaluable new conversion channel. We’ve written previously about how you can create Insta Stories that can sell your product, and with this new feature, there’s a whole lot more opportunity.


Influencer marketing has fuelled the Instagram flame, and it is not going away anytime soon. But it certainly is changing, as influencers with smaller follower counts (anywhere between 10 000 and 500 000 followers) are expected to take over as the marketing force of the future. They’re known as micro-influencers, and their value lies in audience engagement – which, as you can gather, is the name of the game for 2019 and beyond. Micro-influencers have been shown to have higher engagement rates and a closer relationship to their audience than mega-influencers. Regarded as trusted experts within their specific niches, these are people who can help brands build their image and gain consumers’ trust in a more authentic and intimate way. Head on to our previous post about using Stories for Influencer marketing to learn more about this phenomenon that has gained huge momentum and how you can leverage it successfully.

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Authenticity and transparency above all

Last but not least, we can’t overlook that Instagram marketing is getting more transparent as consumers grow weary of advertising. In the year ahead, we’ll be seeing more influencer talking openly about their collaborations with brands and their experiences within the industry. Audiences have certain expectations for Instagram – they don’t want it to be Facebook or Pinterest. They want meaning, connection, and authenticity, even when it’s about shopping. That’s why features such as live video, which encourage off-the-cuff and authentic communication, are highly valued and the best tools for marketers seeking to build that connection.

All in all, 2019 is going to be a colourful and eventful year for marketing on Instagram. Follow these trends closely and always look for creative ways to engage your audience and give them what they want. Lastly, don’t hesitate to give Storrito a try to boost your Instagram marketing efforts – focus on your Stories, and you’ll be on the right path!

Written by Angelina Harper.