Instagram Stories is an extremely powerful marketing tool. However, not everyone understands how to use it. For this reason, we can divide Instagram stories into two types:

  • The stories users are waiting for to watch
  • The stories that people tend to skip

Today, we will take a look at nine Instagram accounts with the best stories. We will discuss the marketing tricks that brands and bloggers use and give you tips on how to make your account stand out.


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Top 5 Brands with the Best Instagram Stories

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most famous jewelry brands in the world, and it’s doing great on Instagram. It uses the app not only to tempt users with photos of shining diamonds but also to inform and educate its target audience.

In 2019, the company used Instagram stories to present The Tiffany Guide to Diamonds – the guide that explains how different characteristics of the diamond, including the cut, color, clarity, influence the price.


Such stories help Tiffany & Co. to attract new customers. Once people get a clear understanding of how exactly Tiffany’s products differ from cheaper alternatives, they don’t hesitate to pay a higher price.


Away is a company that sells suitcases. As for today, Away has more than 558K followers on Instagram. Can you guess what the secret of the company’s success is? The wise use of user-generated content and Instagram stories.

Here is how Away’s strategy works. The company encourages customers to create and share visual content. Every day, marketers choose from five to eight pictures published by customers and create a series of stories. They also write short captions to connect one picture to another and to convey a specific message.


If you have a goal to scale your business, feel free to use the same approach to marketing. Try to collect as many pieces of user-generated content as possible and then try to unite them in one meaningful story.

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If you want to see how perfect Instagram stories look like, visit Swatch international Instagram account. Swatch creates fabulous content for stories and knows to engage the audience. Let’s take a glimpse at two great examples.

Customers are always curious to know who stands behind the famous brands. Taking this fact into account, Swatch decided to introduce its key team members to its followers on Instagram. The company interviewed the employees and posted their answers on stories. Here is how it looked like.


Now let’s take a look at another brilliant example.

Swatch created a fun game where users need to help the penguin to deliver the key to Santa Clause. The task of the user was to tap the screen so the penguin will jump over the barriers. This game attracted thousands of Instagram users and helped Swatch to improve brand loyalty.


“People do love to play games, no matter how old they are. So whether you target teens or adults, don’t hesitate to use gamification when crafting your stories. It will allow you to boost your Instagram marketing efforts and take your account to the next level,” says Estelle Liotard, marketer at TrustMyPaper.


DSW is another brand that is killing it on Instagram. DSW has a visually appealing grid layout, and most importantly, it creates fantastic stories.

The company shares behind-the-scenes stories to show how visual content is created. That helps DSW to draw customers’ attention to the chosen products and new collections, as well as to improve overall brand loyalty.


The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show account is one of the most popular accounts on Instagram and for a good reason. Each post and each story published delivers a concrete message and serves a specific purpose.

Ellen DeGeneres and her team use Instagram stories for multiple purposes. Most of the time, they create funny stories to entertain the audience. But there are days when they talk about politics and encourage people to register to vote, or when they discuss charity issues and invite followers to donate. For specific purposes, they use specially designed stickers.


Top 4 Personal Instagram Accounts with the Best Stories


Riva G is a yogi, writer, and content creator from New York. She has more than 509K followers on Instagram, and she is famous for her unordinary approach to capturing yoga photos. However, the quality pictures are not the only thing that makes Riva’s profile stand out.

In contrast to other yoga influencers, Riva uses Instagram stories to interact with her followers on a daily basis. She takes advantage of Poll, Questions, and other stickers to engage the audience in a meaningful way.

Noteworthy, the vast majority of Riva’s stories relate not to yoga, but to everyday life in general. Riva chooses the topics that resonate with her followers, and that’s how she establishes a deeper emotional connection with her audience.



Explorerssaurus_ is an account owned by a Portuguese travelers Raquel and Miguel. The couple has more than 717K followers, and it creates fabulous stories.

Raquel and Miguel are very honest with their followers. They use stories to show people how they take and edit photos, what they eat, where they stay, and how much money they actually spend.

As you can see from the examples below, Raquel and Miguel write short captions for each story in two languages: English and Portuguese. That allows them to engage both: global and local audiences.

Besides, Raquel and Miguel adorn each story with stickers. This simple trick helps travelers to make their posts stand out.

Keep in mind that if you write the caption in a few languages, you should double-check the correctness of the translation. If English is not your native language, use such proofreading services like Grammarly and SupremeDissertations.

The Young Travelier

The Young Travelier account belongs to Christian J. Young, a transactional corporate lawyer, e-commerce operator, and successful pre-seed round investor. He travels the world, does business, and creates fantastic Instagram stories.

Christian J. Young has a great sense of humor, and that helps him to gain new followers. Each of his Instagram stories is share-worthy or meme-worthy. Just take a look at the following two examples. Isn’t that funny?


Trash Is For Tossers

Lauren Singer is an environmental activist and businesswoman. She started Trash Is For Tossers account to promote zero waste lifestyle and also to market her shop Package Free Shop.

Lauren Singer creates various types of Instagram stories. She shares news related to her business and environmental issues; shows everyone how she lives zero waste lifestyle in a big city and gives tips on how to use less plastic.

Everyone who supports the environmental movement finds Lauren’s stories extremely interesting, inspiring, and useful.


Wrapping up

Whether you use Instagram to promote your business or build your personal brand, you should engage your audience with the help of fascinating stories.

We hope that these nine examples have inspired you to find your own way to design original Instagram stories that stand out.

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