How to boost

Instagram Stories quickly raised to success with more than 250 Million active daily users in one year of existence. Consequently Insta Stories are getting more and more important to brands and companies, especially to build a strong interaction and connection to their users and customers.

In contrast to the Instagram Feed, where posts are sorted by an algorithm, the Story Elements are listed chronologically. With each single Story post the Story will be placed at the very first spot of all stories from a user’s subscriptions.

ig story

But Stories are logistically challenging: Likewise from the content perspective (what to hell shall I post?) and the posting-process (when should I post with which filter?). Furthermore it’s only possible to post content that is not older than 24 hours. Pretty complex, right?

Pre-production of Story Elements is hardly possible, or at least pretty laborious. Though well timed Story Posts would boost the views and impact of the whole Story.

How to boost your views

The chronological sort mechanism suggest to post new parts of the Story over several hours during a day, ideally in the morning (8am), the afternoon (2pm) and the evening (7pm). Why?

The afternoon-posts boost your morning-content, because the Followers that haven’t been active at the beginning of the day, click through your previous tabs, videos and pictures, until they reached the afternoon element you’ve just uploaded.

posting schedule

Same principle works for the posts that you shoot out in the evening, that push the views for again your morning and consequently afternoon-posts.

The results are compelling: Insta-Accounts that followed this posting-schedule could note a view-raise of 300%!

Especially for news publishers, who can give similar News updates as on broadcast, for online-shops and fashion-Labels, who could use their Stories as a never ending shopping channel like QVC, it is valuable to follow this idea.

How to plan your Insta-Stories

Currently you’ve got two options:

  1. You do it by hand. Therefore you need to prepare the pictures and videos on your desktop, the send them to you mobile phone (beware of the 24 hours limit!), set an alarm at the time you want to post the element, and finally post it into your Story.

  2. You upload your pics and videos into Storrito, edit and schedule the elements and the app automatically posts them.

We ourselves are enthusiastic Istagram Story fans and for us the whole planning and posting process was exhausting and annoying. With our tool we offer you to save time and nerves.

It is very easy to set the date and time when the Story Element should be posted. At the scheduled time the system takes over your work. So you don’t need to set and alarm and post by hand anymore.

We are in the free to use Beta phase, so playing around with our tool is completely for free. Try out and post as much Stories as you like – the more, the merrier! We on our side would like to learn how we can help you and what kind of additional service you want to have.

Posting three times a day into your Instagram Stories boosts your total views up to 300%. You could do everything by hand or save time and nerves and use our tool Storrito.

We are looking forward to your feedback!